Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Wow, time flies. After spending a summer preoccupied with looking for more work and not getting a lot done, I'm getting back into full-fledged writing, headed straight first into a realm in which I've only dabbled so much: social media. My Twitter account gets attention, but ultimately needs a lot more if I want to even more get myself out there. I'm getting myself started on Instagram (find me at heatherchadwick), letting my recent iPhone 4 purchase (yes, I couldn't wait for the 5) guide me into a great excuse to take more pictures. I'm also brushing up my page and moving things along on my Google+ page. I'm also even trying out Tumblr, which seems like something I would have very much liked back in the days when blogging was only for fun. It's easy to get distracted on social media very easily, which leads me to bring up the one thing I'm doing all of this for: my writing. I've been in a drought lately, finding myself not getting much done but domestic things (albeit very important) that haven't much to do with writing and little with anything else.

I have spent a great deal of time editing and formatting resumes lately, thanks partly to my work with Lynne Palmer Executive Recruitment as their Research Assistant. I work in the mornings, editing job descriptions and perfecting candidates' resumes. It's something I'm very fond of, and have great memories of. I used to do very similar work with my alma matter, Saint Peter's College,  when I was going to school there. I very much enjoy helping people in their job search and I especially love sharing the tools I have to get them on their way.

Now that some priorities have been fulfilled, summer all but done and my inspiration back in full force, I am ready to give writing a lot more than I've been giving it lately. I'm ready to write, read and work. And also to market myself into a different-looking page of Google listings. Happy beginning of new things, and if you're interested in my writing services, feel free to contact me at