Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh, the places you'll go!

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
I always knew writing would lead me to doing all sorts of things. Yesterday I spent my afternoon filming a promo that was assured to make its way to a NHL playoff game. This time next week, I will have covered two conferences that involved major decisions that affected whole populations of people. I began my foray into journalism by being one of the many that covered the protests of Occupy Wall Street. And while I'd never had any interest in being a professional photographer, in this digital age, I might find my photos accompany my articles before long enough.

I sometimes joke that writing puts you in the category of being one of those people that knows a little bit about everything- from public policy to sports stats to regional culture. In writing, it certainly helps if you're open to just about anything. I for one am not always comfortable introducing myself to strangers and asking them for something. Now it's something I have to get used to doing. How can I ever get quotes if I'm afraid to talk to people, right?

I also get to indulge in one my favorite past times- reading a whole lot. I've had the luxury of getting paid to read other people's work. I have yet to read something that I don't necessarily like. Of course, these happenings aren't as frequent as you'd think. There's plenty of work involved. I spend most of my time sitting on my couch, writing blog posts, formatting resumes and keeping up with social media. Getting to participate in activities out of the norm from a regular 9-5 desk job make the humdrum of everyday writing life worthwhile.  What I should make a point to do is take a bunch of pictures, of course, to document everything. Who knows what kind of book (or eBook) that could turn into?

Writing for a living allows me a whole slew of freedoms: learning new skills, having a different, varied schedule, being exposed to new things, and the like. In many respects, everything is new and that's something anyone can appreciate. It gives me many things to look forward to, and limitless potential (as long as I do the work). Who wouldn't like this job?