Thursday, March 31, 2011

Next up: furniture!!

Finally, I have gone from writing in a cramped space (if you consider having to write on a coffee table in front of the couch cramped, which I certainly do) to working at a desk, officially as of today, March 31, 2011. Happy I Have a Desk Day!! One trip to Ikea, some running around and around five hours later, I officially have the desk that I wanted. Of course, I picked a desk that required a lot of work, with more nuts and bolts than I would have liked, but now not only do I have the desk that I want, I have one that fits perfectly well in my apartment without taking up a lot of space.
If there's nothing else that can inspire me to work, it's better working quarters. I'm sure that sentiment goes for other writers as well. I have stretching room now, better organization and more room to have necessary resources right in front of me (take that, having to walk across the room to get a book from my bookcase!) It's a nice addition to my living room. Perfect for spring and spring cleaning, I'm in the planning stages of my own spring cleaning and household reorganization. Adding a writing desk to it not only helps me reinvigorate my apartment, but it also is good for my writing as well. It's definitely something that's on every writer's "must-have" list, right next to a working internet connection and good lighting. Next up: decorating the thing, as it's all-white coloring could get very boring very fast. Perhaps I'll add a couple of stickers and photos to make it interesting, or I could just leave it alone for right now.
So where does this leave me right now? Of course it's progress and a most necessary purchase, but it also means that I have to back up this purchase. For me that means earning the money back that I spent on this. That won't be hard, of course, but I want to give myself an incentive to work harder. The desk itself is inspiration enough, but another reason certainly couldn't hurt. Talk about changes since the very end of last June: I've gone from only talking about writing to actually writing. I've also gone from making a little money to making some. I'm still building up my writing portfolio (Does that ever stop? I don't think so.) and working on my online presence.  I have business cards and stationery. Yes, the writing thing is going, but I know well enough that I'm just only getting started. One more possible addition: coffee. If only I could bring myself to give it more of a chance. I know this puts me in a minority. An early bird without coffee?!?!? WHERE?

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Am I A Writer Now?

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What an odd question, right? Certainly I am a writer, with a website, clips and business cards to prove it.  But yesterday felt very much like I had finally hit the big time. Yesterday I received my biggest writing check to date. And for someone working hard to make a living off of writing at home, it feels pretty darn good.
So where has all this writing gotten me so far? It has been around nine months since I published my first piece as a writer. Since then, I've landed some clients, made some money, garnered some writing friends and contacts, and have learned more about business than I ever thought about.  Sure, there have definitely been some long hours, long nights and burn outs. These I think have been more my fault than inevitable, as in the beginning it was very easy to get daunted by large projects. Now I think I've calmed down a bit, and welcome the opportunity to do something different from my usual work.

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I've recently taking up writing for a website dedicated to the goings-on of my hometown Harrison, NJ. I've started a new aspect of writing (egads...interviews!) that I'm rather unfamiliar with, but am eager to try. So far I've taken the easiest foray into it (emailing questions), letting it be my training into getting ready to do one in person. For those interested, you can also check out DailyHarrison on Facebook and Twitter. I've also been networking more on LinkedIn; you can check out my profile here.

I've also taken steps into copywriting and learning about contracts, definitely some necessary skills to add to my resume. I plan on spending more time in the near future focusing on improving my skills in these areas. If there's one way I know to make some surefire good writing money, it's copywriting. Another skill very much necessary these days: proficiency in social networking: Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc. StumbleUpon is something I don't know much about, and I'm not too sure of its effectiveness. I'm definitely proficient on Facebook and Twitter (isn't the whole world at this point?), and love the ease of promoting my work on them.

So far now my real big writing news is one of the best fall outs of doing a good job: getting paid. It is encouraging, and makes me only want to work more. Am I exactly where I want to be? Not yet, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. I'm sure with more work I can get there. As for right now, this definitely gives me something to talk about...