Saturday, February 19, 2011

Website upgrade

Image courtesy of Office.Microsoft.Com
 I've spent some of the past couple of weeks redoing my website, attempting to make it look more appealing to potential clients and look as good as some of my colleagues' sites. I use the server, and while it's easy enough, I still can get very much confused. HTML is a tricky mistress if you don't know it enough already. I'm using an easy site builder service offered by my server and am learning the ropes. It's hard to get the look you want when you have only so many options, of course, and it can be especially hard when you're not sure what you want.
Right now, I think my site looks lackluster, to be quite honest. I've looked at other writers' sites for inspiration, but I'd like to have something notably different. Though, what could possibly set me apart from other more experienced writers? Not much yet frankly. But I am working on it. I have my portfolio, biography, a list of services I offer, a link to my blog...and that's it. I need some pizazz, something exciting. Or at least something that makes me look more like a seasoned professional. Maybe that takes some time to earn, but I'd at least like my site to look better.  So, for the time being, I will be learning website basis via trial and error, edits and reediting. Thankfully, at least I have some content to fill it with. As I stay on the hunt for new clients, get more work, write for the clients I have and build my business, my website will grow as well. Here's to growing, developing, and bowing down to the HTML Gods...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Working, working, surrounded by snow

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user Bpaulh

These past six weeks have seen NJ and pretty much the entire tri-state area continuously covered in snow. It has snowed at least once a week for the past six weeks, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. I've ben working a bunch for some clients am reading some writing books to learn more about writing as a business. I read something about writers who eventually go on to rent office space, tired of never leaving the house and needing new scenery. It makes me wonder if I'll ever get to that point, or wonder when I'd consider myself able to afford a separate office. Right now, I very much like the idea of working from home, especially when it means hiding out from the never-ending snow.  It also means cutting on commuting expenses to and from work, as well as skimping out on buying lunch everyday, unless I really want to. It also means I can work as early (or as late) as I want to.

BUT, it does mean that I have to get more disciplined. I need to garner more clients, and read these damned writing books more, and not just in spurts. It's time to consume myself with productivity. Yes, I have been productive, but it's time to be more so. I want this writing thing to be a career, and not just a passing fancy. I also should blog more, of course. In spite of what I've gotten done, I don't think I've gotten enough done.  Get clients? Check. Get paying work? Check. Get enough work to cover all my expenses? Not yet, unfortunately. I really have to push it.  But I have been working diligently this entire month, so I really shouldn't be that hard on myself. Maybe this is just my "learning the ropes" bit, where I'm feeling more of an adjustment period to this line of work than I have before. Maybe it's simply because I'd like to earn more money. I am getting paid work, but I would of course like to get to the point where I'm making more money than my previous 9-5 gig. Hopefully, that time will come soon enough, but for now, I will continue plugging away at it until I get there.