Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user Yuval Y
It is finally 2011, and now I am setting up a new template for my blog, as well as mapping out my plans for the year. 2011 is all about pushing my writing and my writing business further. From gaining new clients to expanding my portfolio to learning new skills, 2011 looks to be a very busy year. On the immediate agenda is coming up with a business name, which for me is no easy task. I'd like to not include my name in my business name, in case I ever expand my business beyond myself being the only employee. I've been toying around with business name generators online, hoping for some inspiration. I have maybe one idea, but nothing solid so far.
While I plan out the business aspect of my freelance writing business, I'm also very much looking forward to expanding my portfolio. Right now, I have a whole swell of news articles, blog posts about animals and pop culture articles. I'd like to master the art of writing a press release, as well as learn more about business writing. I recently dug up a business writing book I had used in college, and that will be my go to guide for business writing. I'd also like to start brushing up on learning other languages, particularly Spanish. I do live in New Jersey, after all.
I guess you can say 2011 is all about three word mottos: expansion, expansion expansion, reading, reading, reading, writing, writing, writing and learning, learning, learning. I'm not going to pressure myself into having to earn more money than I've ever earned, or working eighty hours if I don't have to. I'm simply looking to expand on what I've been doing so far. I'd also like to encourage anyone interested in writing and freelance writing to go for it, and show them how they can by referencing what I've done.
Here's to hoping I can make myself work, work, work more this year, and to all my readers, Happy New Year!