Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where did September go?

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
It seems that September came and went faster than the summer did. In the past month, I've been writing, editing, cleaning and pretty much being productive. I've recently been named a Contributing Admin to the WM Pet Connection, to which I regularly post to. I've also began my foray into journalism, going to Zuccotti Park in Manhattan to cover the Occupy Wall Street movement. I interviwed protesters, took photos and even looked into getting a press pass. Of course, I have to write more until I qualify for that, but it hadn't been something I thought about until recently.
So how about that- journalism? It's something I always rejected. It wasn't with good reason, however. I just never felt the need to pry. But my ever-growing interest in politics and social issues makes me very interested in pursuing that route, perhaps though not exclusively. For now, I think I'll try a flirtation with it and see how that goes. Here's to new adventures, the fall season and working my way to a press pass!

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