Sunday, August 21, 2011

New digs= more work

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Well, that title is a mixed bag. It can be believed to be half right, if you consider I've done more cleaning and unloading than writing these past couple of weeks.  It's very easy to get preoccupied when there are boxes to be packed, couches to be moved and things to be thrown out. It can also of course be taken at face value, considering the physical workload I've undertaken, with the bruises to prove it. There's something about a new workspace that's inspiring; new surroundings can rejuvenate anybody. For me, it's not only about potential, but more of the feeling of needing to work more. I admit it's been easier to focus on the move than it has been on work. I've done more copywriting than article writing lately, so I honestly haven't felt like I've written as much. There's a romance to getting that first sentence just right. Once the first paragraph is finessed to your satisfaction, the rest of the article is smooth sailing.
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user Tony Hisgett
Of course, this moment of lackadaisical writing can also be likened to the need to enjoy what's left of the summer. I've never been a big beach-goer or someone that's really celebrated the summer. I'd always been preoccupied with something, whether it's work or school. It's very easy to procrastinate when you realize how little you've enjoyed the favorite season of the year. But with the summer being just about over and the move being all but done, it is time to get back to work and back to writing. It is what I do for a living, of course
It seems that many of my posts are about "getting back to writing". It is very easy, too easy in fact, to get distracted. Life and other responsibilities can get in the way. For a vocation that depends so much on the input of its workers, freelance writing can be so ignored.  When you're depending on the vocation to pay your bills and shelter, however, there needs to be more discipline. Thankfully, there's no more boxes to worry about. Now, it's time to push the writing. Again. Until my next slacking period, here's hoping that I get on a roll for a long while...