Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My conundrum: A Writer Without A Website

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Today I decided to embark on what for me is a major undertaking: switching website servers. In a really risky move (albeit one I didn't fully grasp at the time) I cancelled my service from which I'd been running my writer's website, after being unsuccessful in performing a successful transfer. Ever have one of those situations where neither party will listen and doing something drastic seems to be your only action? That was me today. Yes, it's not a move I'm not particularly fond of and yes, I don't want to lose any potential business, but the circumstances weren't favorable to  making any easy transition.
I'm not well-read in HTML, and I'm not knowledgable in the logistics of CNA names and DNS servers and the like. This was very much a situation of not being able to fulfill both parties' needs (the former server and the new, intended server) to get the transfer done. This unfortunately has left me in the all-too-unfavorable position of a writer being without a writer's website. What in the world? For the past couple of hours, I've been checking the status of my domain name, hoping my old server would put it right back on the market. When I spoke to the salesperson on the phone, I was told it would take 2-3 days. Here's hoping.
So now I'm in a conundrum: just how do I make this work? I don't want to be without a writer's website, I really don't. I also didn't want to wait the couple of months to let my domain name officially expire and wait out the expiration period that would probably leave me without a website for the whole summer, and it's only June 1.  As of right now, I have set up, which will serve as a temporary domain name until I can get back on my small domain name feet. Wish me luck on this adventure, readers! I will keep you updated....

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Well then, definitely good luck Heather.