Monday, November 15, 2010

How about a Writing "To Do" List?

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One of my favorite things to do ever is list making. I think I write one up at least three times a week. Why not write about what writing tasks I want to accomplish? Here it goes:

1. Plug away at writing, writing articles and getting clips.

2. Continuously revamp my website until I actually really like it.

3. Apply, apply and apply for new writing gigs.

4. Hand out a ton of business cards.

5. Market, market, market.

6. Set up a bit of office space in my bedroom.

7. Make my writing an actual freelance writing business, with a business name and everything.

8. Buy a couple of writing books so I can read  them (in an effort to sometimes give my laptop a break).

9. Get more writing stationery.

10. Set up an awesome work schedule, suitable for work and getting out of the house!

Doable, don't you think?

Monday, November 08, 2010

Finding my niche

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 I'm finding that writing on a daily basis can be a little monotonous, especially if I'm a little drained.  I've found easy inspiration in writing about current events. It's easy to write about the goings-on in the world, and I really like to do it. Now, it's not exaclty the most lucrative form of writing (that I know of yet-remember guys, I'm still a newbie), it's definitely satisfying. Of course, to make a proper living writing I have to get more immersed in other forms of writing, such as press releases and blogging. I think if anything, it might be time to study, study, study.  It's time to get more acquainted with press release writing (I don't think the experience I have is enough), essay writing (does college count?), blogging and perhaps doing some fiction. I've been lax on my creativity, in the respect that just coming up with a great opening paragraph about the Midterm Elections isn't enough. Maybe, oddly enough, it's time to get more serious.
Some recent articles:

Obama to Appear on "The Daily Show" 
Behar Slams Angle on "The View"
Boehner's Uphill Battle to Be the Next House Speaker
Obama Visits India During Diwali

P.S. A couple articles I've written made onto Yahoo! news!!! Check out the Behar & Boehner pieces for my two seconds of big breaks!