Monday, October 11, 2010

My new foe: my own spelling

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I've noticed that writing every day has somehow lessened my ability to spell. Damn you spell check! I find that I've been using it more and more these days, and I'm also finding out that there are just some words I've never had to write down a lot. And it's not words that I necessarily don't know how to spell, it's just words I haven't had to write down. Here are some words I seemed to have forgotten how to spell (and yes, I'm using spell check for this!)

*Disappear                     *Exercize
*Immediately                  *Tomorrow
*Rhetorical                     *Definitely
*Halloween                    *Unfortunately
...Though I do have to say that maybe this could only better my writing, at least grammatically. I'm learning how to sound out the words in order to spell them correctly, and I'm learning how to do that consistently. I though my days of worrying about so much spelling were beyond me, but alas...

I've also garnered a couple clients, and am working more. With a little more work, this can be a registered business before long, with an LLC attached and name and everything. All I have to do is come up with a proper business name. I've been giving out my business card to friends and family, and hope to start some real networking soon. I've been advised that at one point I'll want my own business phone number, but for right now I'll just use my personal cell phone, as I don't really get enough calls to warrant a separate line.  I do have my professional email that works fine, of course (

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