Monday, September 27, 2010

Working, working, working

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Something very happened on the way to my Freelance Writing career- it's working in ways I never expected to happen already! What's been really random is that simply plugging away writing and applying for gigs is all you really need to do. That, of course followed with marketing and promotion. Did I say endless self-promotion? Oh, yes of course! But honestly it's all been in a way easy. I think for me it's been easy because I haven't let myself be bogged down by the details. Sometimes, you need to just got for it and not be intimidated. That really helps.  I've been working every day, obtaining real, paying clients and applying for new writing gigs. My goal is to obtain enough consistent writing work to have at least rent and bills covered more than barely, and make this Christmas an awesome one. Yes, I did just mention Christmas. I'm absolutely BIG on Christmas. I love shopping for gifts for people and making a ton of lists of the things I want to buy people. And now, when I get asked what I want for Christmas, I can actually say that I have some sort of idea: simply put, anything work relarted. Barnes and Noble gift cards, Staples, gift cards, any books on writing, etc. I have a feeling I might become a stationery queen. But I have to admit, it feels pretty cool to see something with my name on it.

Speaking with stationery with my name on it, I am now a card-carrying freelance writer. Now, I have official proof that I write for a living, other than my word. Hopefully, I can really land gigs with these cards. Every bit of this process is absolutely integral to the future of my career, which I've been working really hard to progress. I say it's been easy because I assumed it'd take forever to make money, but it honestly hasn't. What's disarming is the idea of having more temporary assignments rather than a steady stream of long-term clients, but I am working on it. And I have to say, versus spending long hours in a miserable office, this feels pretty darn good.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Business Cards, Networking, Etc.

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Introducing myself as a writer last night, I felt odd missing one thing: a business card. Last night, I went to a mock jury group in Manhattan and met singer/songwriter Mammi-Ama Ofari and producer  of NYC show Different Voices Poet Minor. So, this morning I finally did it: I ordered some business cards and some "Heather Chadwick, Freelance Writer" stationery. Looking to save some money, I took advantage of the deals found on  Where else could I order 2,000 business cards for less than $30?

Now it's also time to market and network, network, network. I'm anxiously awaiting news of the potential 10/10/10 Restoring Truthiness rally to be led by the Stephen Colbert. I'm already looking at train schedules and hotel fees to attend it. I'll have my camera at the ready, and notebook in hand. Check out some of my recent articles:
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I've also spent some time of Freelance job-listing websites like Elance, and Guru.  I've been posting profiles, bidding and projects and taking their skills tests.  I've got one client so far, and hopefully I'll land some more soon enough. I've started to recommend Freelance Writing to people; I didn't realize how easy it really is to get started. Next up: making a little flashier. Honestly, all this html, graphic nonsense is intimidating. It's time to get the ball rolling, however. Time to ante up the project searches and ante up the work...