Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Writing about the Zoo

One new writing gig I have is writing for the WM Pet Connection. Catch my posts every Tuesday as I indulge myself in all things pets. Posts so far:

Introducing Henry
Introducing Little Lady
Bringing out my inner dog person

Happy reading!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting in the thick of it

Image courtesy of Office.Microsoft.com
This past month has been about landing paying gigs; setting up a work schedule and continuing to get myself noticed. You can find my weekly column, HYPE/OVERHYPE at CRVD.  I am also now writing for the WM Pet Connection, where I've a couple a posts about my cats Henry and Little Lady; you can find new posts from me every Tuesday.  I've also been looking into the business aspect of my freelance writing career more, looking at filing and licensing fees and accountants. Heather, meet a lifetime of paperwork- paperwork, meet Heather. I smell the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Recent articles:

'True Blood' Rolling Stone Cover Leaves People Hot and Bothered
Mosque to Be Built Near Ground Zero Brings Ideological Tension to New Heights